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To ensure your Corporation complies with the relevant Act, we will arrange the Annual General Meetings including preparing and distributing notices, attending and chairing meetings if appointed, preparing minutes and distributing them to all owners within 48 hours.

Accounting & Auditing needs

We offer a variety of accounting needs from collecting, banking and accounting for maintenance contributions, levies, interest accruing or other amounts due to the Corporation and paying of accounts. We prepare annual statements of accounts of the Corporation and arrange an annual audit of the books as required and prepare and lodge income tax returns.

Repairs & Maintenance

We will liaise with the Corporation to determine required actions and arrange for maintenance, repairs and replacement of common property, in line with the Corporation’s instructions As well as organise any emergency maintenance work by coordinating tradesmen under specific instructions.

Emergency After Hours Number


We provide all our clients' with an after-hours number for any unforeseen maintenance issues that need immediate attention.


We place and renew insurance and have any claim promptly processed. We are registered insurance agents with three Insurers, which enables us to constantly review your policy to ensure the best cover and value for you.

Additional Services


We assist and liaise with Architects, Engineers, Surveyors, Builders, Loss Adjusters, neighbours and the like in accordance with the Corporation’s instructions.