Carrie McInerney


Carrie McInerney joined Horner Management in 2001 as a trainee. Carrie has completed a Certificate IV in Real Estate Sale, Certificate IV in Property Management and a Certificate in Strata Management. In 2007 Carrie was promoted to General Manager and in 2009 was appointed the CEO of Horner Management. Carrie is also a committee member of the Strata Community Australia (SA).

Awards: Industry Leader of the Year 2016

(SCA-SA Strata Community Awards)

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In this period our Strata was a little disjointed and there were a number of funding and maintenance issues that needed to be dealt with. Carrie provided the necessary management skills and approach to deal with these issues at hand in a most prompt and efficient way. She knows how to get things done in a capable manner without upsetting the Owners. Carrie ensured that everything that was agreed to be done by the owners was completed.


Carrie is professional and honest in her approach and has a pleasing manner which makes her easy to deal with. She is alert and switched on to the needs of those she administers. Carrie comes well prepared for AGM's and projects forward to provide a sensible budget for the times ahead.


This lady is good at what she does and comes highly recommended.

Patrick W. Duggan

Presiding Officer - Owner


Email:  [email protected]


Phone: (08) 8234 5777  


After Hours Emergency: 0432 474 333


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