Body Corporate Insurance


Section 30 of the Strata Titles Act imposes a duty on Strata Corporation’s to insure all building and building improvements for their full replacement value, including all costs incidental to and associated with the replacement. Corporation’s are further required to keep themselves insured against liability for negligence. As your Strata Manager, our duty includes arranging and paying for the insurance in accordance with your instructions. Your manager can give you information and general advice regarding insurance policies.


Horner Management are an Authorised Representative of CHU Underwriting Agencies. We are also an Authorised distributors for SUU Insurance and Strata Community Insurance.


The strong relationships that we have with the above insurers means that we liaise with them directly. We promptly lodge claims on behalf of your Corporation, contact your insurer regarding existing claims, seek advice from them when our clients have queries, and it also means that these insurers can contact us directly too. This means that you will not have to wait for a middle man to let your Strata Manager know details on your policy.


CHU Authorised Representative No. 269526

Horner Management may receive a commission for placing your Insurance.



Landlord's Insurance


Horner Management Pty Ltd is a Distributor of Terri Scheer Landlord Insurance Products. Terri Scheer Insurance Pty Ltd is authorised to provide financial services in relation to general insurance products to clients.


As a Distributor, we are authorised to deal in insurance products as a representative of Terri Scheer Insurance Pty Ltd. This authority allows us to deal on behalf of Terri Scheer Insurance Pty Ltd in relation to its Landlord Insurance Products.