We do make living in a Body Corporate unit pleasant.

Far too many people purchase into a Community Title or Strata Corporation without having any idea of how they operate. Educating potential purchasers is something we are more than happy to take on board, as there are some people who simply will not be happy with the concept of Body Corporate living. There are many benefits with living in a Corporation, but there are also rules, and being aware of these rules beforehand may well influence your decision to purchase.


Using a Company to manage your Body Corporate who focus on service, can make your decision to purchase into such a unit, a pleasant experience. Clearly this has worked, as the business has grown substantially over the last 21 years and now encompasses rental properties.


There are now five managers and a brilliant team of front office staff and assistants.


Horner Management build their business on the following values:


- Passion

- Open & Honest Communication

- Personalised & Tailored Service

- Innovative Solutions

- Professionalism

- Trust

- Reliability

- Local Knowledge

Woman Working in Modern Office