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Living in a garage?

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

You ask, we answer:

Each month we answer a question about living in a community title. In a competitive rental market, this month’s question asks whether a garage can be used for accommodation.

Body corporate insurance and strata insurance


One of the lot owners in my group has a friend staying in his garage - this isn't a one-off. The friend comes and goes whenever he pleases and, as the garages are attached, I'm concerned about security and our strata insurance? Can someone legally live in one of our garages?

Neighbourhood Watch.


Hi Neighbourhood Watch,

While the Strata Titles Act doesn't specifically say it's forbidden to use a garage

for accommodation, I would suggest asking

the local council their position on people

inhabiting garages.

If your neighbour's guest were staying in the unit and not the garage, Section 19 (4) of the Strata Titles Act states that the Corporation and Articles can't stop or limit a unit owner from renting out or granting rights of occupation to another person. Meaning you don't have a say in who occupies other units in the complex.

The Articles do state that an owner must advise the Strata Corporation of any more permanent occupancy changes, but they don't

need to let anyone know about temporary guests they may have.

Perhaps see what your council can advise and go from there.

Carrie McInerney


Horner Management

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