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What is the difference between a Strata Manager and a Property Manager?

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Strata and Property FAQ’s

If a Property Manager manages property, what does a Strata Manager do? What do you do if you aren't managing tenants?

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The differences between a Property and Strata Manager can be confusing but put simply, multiple Owners contract a Strata Manager under the same corporation or strata scheme to maintain the common property and performs their duties in the best interest of all owners.

Horner Strata Manager and Property Manager

A single property owner instructs a Property Manager to manage their individual unit performing lease negotiations, rent collection and routine inspections.

Strata groups can include as few as two units up to hundreds in a group of apartment blocks - that's a lot of people who need to know what is happening to the property and a lot of people who need to have information communicated to them. That's where a Strata Manager comes in.

A Strata Manager facilitates communication between owners, prepares budgets, places insurance, chairs Annual General Meetings (AGM), and records the minutes. They also ensure the adequate maintenance of common property, including repairs to the building and ground maintenance.

An Owner in a Strata whose property is leased will engage with both a Strata Manager and Property Manager, as their unit has relevance to both parties. A tenant will generally only liaise with a Property Manager as they are not an owner within the strata scheme.

What is the difference between a Strata Manager and a Property Manager

Although Property Managers will take care of general repairs and maintenance required to the unit's interior or within the yard, issues related to the common property such as roof leaks, main drain plumbing, common grounds maintenance and timbers, should be reported to the Strata Manager.

Understanding the difference between the two roles is vital for all parties to ensure the effective management of the common property and an owner's individual lot, as any concerns can be directed to the right person.

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